I am moving from Denver to LA during the first week of October. I already have a full time job lined up out there. I am a bit of a introvert but once I get comfortable I am super outgoing.
I m a graduate filmmaker who has a small yorkshire terriere. I m chill, I don t go out that much and love having my space. I m open to smoking weed but if you are not I will just have it in my room.
Hi, I'm 25 and work full time 9-5 at an entertainment company in Glendale, CA! Seeking either someone with an existing apartment in Glendale, or somebody who would like to sign a lease with me for a luxury building in Glendale. Thanks :)!
I'm looking for a room or a roommate, Read more about me on Diggz
I'm looking for a room or a roommate, Read more about me on Diggz
Love dogs, food, the beach, and The Office !
Hi I am looking for a roommate just moved into the area if your looking for a roommate please contact me.
I'm looking for a room or a roommate, Read more about me on Diggz
I would like someone that is constantly knowingly cleaning out there energy and chakras....I am a vegan, and i perfer quietness. I don't party, I do like going out in Nature, and exercise.... Instagram diaz87edward Email diaz87edward@gmail.com
Hello! My name is Taylor and I am a 22 year old female looking to move to the LA area in early 2019. I graduated with a Bachelors in Biology from Portland State University in 2017. I am currently working to build my application for graduate school. I'm turning 23 years old this November. I have a very sweet cat named Kuzco that loves almost anyone! I'm clean and respectful and enjoy spending my...
I do music production and recording I love the beach life and traveling
I am a nice guy
Hi I m Devonna I m silly af. I love playing ps4 I m an workaholic. I have a slight ocd about things being in there place.
Responsible and clean! still fun /easy going, trust worthy ,kind human being .
I'm looking for a room or a roommate, Read more about me on Diggz
Hi! I am a fun and bubbly person from Austin, TX. I am tidy, responsible, and I love to bake treats for my roommates. I m looking to live in West LA, East LA or Glendale, or Burbank. Let s live together!
My name is Brent; I'm a young, 26 year old, career driven business professional and I'm currently pursuing my skydiving license in my spare time. I love traveling and experiencing new things, my most recent adventure was spending a few weeks abroad Traveling Japan.
I'm a clean person, I work full time (and often weekends) and am looking to share an apartment with one or two people who are also career oriented and easy going.
I'm a software engineer who's looking for an apartment in LA SOON! I'm fun, very nice person, and hard working!
I just moved to California from Florida, I m super open minded and friendly and I like to be active. I enjoying working out, yoga, hiking, camping, surfing, and pretty much anything outdoors. I m a huge animal lover and a vegan, so a vegan roommate would be ideal! I m pretty clean and like keeping my space neat and organized.
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